P2P Labs Announces Partnership with Chainlink and Launches the World’s First Decentralized Jackpot Pool

London, UK, October 03, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – P2P Labs, a company specializing in developing a universal protocol for prediction markets, has announced a partnership with the decentralized oracle network Chainlink. Chainlink’s analytical algorithms will be integrated into P2P Labs’ products to enhance the quality and transparency for users.

“This partnership will allow every P2P Labs customer to receive high-quality and honest transaction results, enhancing the reliability of predictions for various events. In addition to Certik’s audit, Chainlink’s solutions will protect user data from unauthorized transmission and result falsification while ensuring winning guarantees and security”, the company stated.

Currently, on the P2P Labs platform, users can create and participate in predictions for financial events and asset prices, such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, and bonds. In the future, predictions will be extended to include esports, politics, challenges, and any events happening in the world. P2P Labs’ goal is to create the first SocialFi prediction market protocol, where users can earn by accurately predicting any event. This goal will be facilitated by the creation of an open oracle rating system where each user can become a data provider, accurately validating data and resolving disputes among platform users.

As part of the P2P Labs ecosystem, the project’s developers have announced the launch of the world’s first decentralized jackpot pool, ChainJack, with a prize pool of over $100,000 USDT. Every user can test their skills in predicting the price of BTC and claim their prize (Link to ChainJack.io).

“We are confident that users will highly appreciate our prediction market products and the full transparency of forecasts. This is the first decentralized jackpot pool of this size, and it grows daily. Our company will actively motivate and reward users for creating transactions and participating in user predictions”, commented the project’s creators.

Furthermore, P2P Labs is a regular participant in industry conferences. In the current year, the company has supported WOW Summit and the Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit, where it will not only act as a Gold sponsor but also as a speaker. Project representatives will discuss the future of prediction markets and oracles and how blockchain is positively changing the world of betting.

About P2P Labs

P2P Labs is bringing the global idea of the prediction market to life, where anyone can test their prediction skills against any user on any event. The project’s mission is to make prediction markets transparent, limitless, and socially significant.

The founders have invested over $1 million of their personal funds in developing the project and continue to build globally significant products.

Media Contact

Brand: P2P Labs

Contact: CBDO Rushan Sadreev

Website: https://p2pbet.io/ru/


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