BlackFort Exchange Announces BXN Token Listing on BITFINEX on April 02

Road Town, BVI – April 02, 2024 – (SeaPRwire) – BlackFort, an ecosystem featuring a multichain wallet, a payment solution, and an L1 blockchain, is pleased to announce that its $BXN token will make its debut on the BITFINEX exchange on April 2, 2024. BXN deposits are set to open at 10 am UTC, while trading in the BXN/USDT will open at 10am UTC+0.

BlackFort $BXN token: 10 key utility streams

$BXN token offers varied utility across the ecosystem’s full product range: Blackfort wallet with integrated crypto-fiat exchange and swaps; BlackFort X Network blockchain; BlackFort Pay; Genesis Knights NFTs, and more.

Specific $BXN utility streams include:

  • discounts on buying and swapping cryptocurrency in the BlackFort wallet;
  • perks for the users of BlackFort Pay solutions;
  • security locking according to the Proof-of-Staked-Authority (POSA) consensus rules;
  • rewards for node holders on the BlackFort L1;
  • fee rebates and cashback;
  • airdrop opportunities;
  • asset tokenization bonuses;
  • paying transaction fees on the BlackFort Network blockchain;
  • Creator Fund grants for ecosystem projects,
  • corporate responsibility (charity) projects, etc.

BlackFort will introduce more utility use cases for $BXN as its user-side applications are released.

$BXN BITFINEX listing details

To ensure a fair valuation and smooth token price discovery, the team of BlackFort made the decision to seek $BXN listings only once the L1 blockchain was fully established and accumulated a large body of users. With more than 75,000 POSA delegators across 120 countries and nearly 120,000 active addresses in March 2024, the token is now ready to be traded on external markets.

BITFINEX is the first major platform to list $BXN. The details of the listing are as follows:

  • Deposits from the BlackFort X Network open: 8am UTC on April 2, 2024;
  • Trading in the BXN/USDT and BXN/USD pair opens 10am UTC on April 2, 2024
  • BXN withdrawals open: 10am UTC.

BlackFort: a complete ecosystem for crypto users on all levels

BlackFort is an all-in-one Web3 ecosystem that seeks to both satisfy all the everyday needs of regular crypto users and to provide EVM developers with an attractive, fast, and cost-efficient alternative to existing L1 networks.

The ecosystem includes:

  • Blackfort Wallet for Android and iOS: supports BXN, BTC, ETH, TRX and thousands more crypto assets on various blockchains. The wallet enables buying and selling crypto with debit and credit cards, as well as bank transfers. It also features cryptocurrency swaps at the best rates available in the market.
  • Blackfort Exchange Network, or BXN Smartchain: an EVM-compatible L1 blockchain optimized for DeFi and especially exchanging assets. It uses a unique Proof-of-Staked-Authority (POSA) consensus and ensures superior decentralization and security thanks to a network of 75,000 POSA delegators.
  • BlackFort code and smart contracts have been successfully audited by Certik, one of the leading blockchain security providers.

BlackFort Pay (under development): a payment and financial management platform for EEA-based individuals and businesses. It will feature virtual and physical debit cards, dedicated IBANs, payment processing, etc.

With an established and thriving ecosystem, BlackFort is ready to make the next step forward and introduce millions of crypto users to its L1 blockchain, wallet, and the multifaceted utility of $BXN. The listing on BITFINEX is just the first of many important updates planned by BlackFort for 2024; follow the announcements on the official website and in X (Twitter) for more information.

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