2022 Travel Itinerary Competition: Official Call for Design Submissions to Discover Charm of Sanya Economic Circle

China, Sanya , June 28, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Channels for submitting designs for the “2022 Travel Itinerary Competition” were officially opened on June 21, 2022. The event, which was first released online on May 30, 2022, as a prelude to the official launch, was organized by the Sanya Tourism Promotion Board together with tourism bureaus from other cities and counties of the Sanya Economic Circle. Over 100 entries were received within just 4 hours after the official launch of the design submission page.

Participants can follow the official WeChat account of the Sanya Tourism Promotion Board and input “Inspiring Trip Planner” or “Travel Itinerary Competition” to access the design submission page.

There are five categories for the competition: four of these are categories for Chinese travelers, namely professional/corporate, university teachers and students, travel KOLs, Chinese domestic travelers, and one is a special category for Foreign Travelers.

Participants in the Foreign Travelers category should be foreign passport holders. Participants are encouraged to submit designs based on their personal travel experiences in the Sanya Economic Circle. There are no restrictions on the format of designs, which can be in the form of images and text, cartoons, short videos, songs, or poems. Submissions can be in Chinese or English, and can cover themes such as outdoor sports, intangible cultural heritage, shopping and entertainment, couple trips, camping, rural trips, family-friendly educational excursions, gourmet tours, and self-driving trips. Travel routes should include at least one of the following regions: Sanya, Lingshui, Baoting, Ledong, and Wuzhishan.

The competition offers participants the chance to win various prizes such as cash awards of up to CNY 12,000, special certificates of participation, honorary titles, and a chance to take part in the film project “Explore Sanya 360°” for international social media organized by the Sanya Tourism Promotion Board.

The design submission channels for the competition will be open from June 21, 2022, to July 10, 2022. All designs that are submitted and received before the submission deadline will be evaluated in three stages: Preliminary Review (July 11—July 17, 2022), Online Voting (July 18—August 10, 2022), and Expert Review (August 11—August 15, 2022). During the period in which itineraries are on display (August 18—September 9, 2022), prize-winning designs will be announced publicly and displayed online, and awards will be given.

The event seeks to gather high-quality travel routes and recommendations, attract more attention of global travel enthusiasts to the Sanya Economic Circle and its neighboring areas, and promote the tourism and cultural resources of the area. “Unleash your creativity and showcase the charm of Sanya and its surrounding areas.” The representative from the Sanya Tourism Promotion Board added that “The ‘2022 Travel Itinerary Competition’ welcomes people from all over the world who love to travel.”