Woman arrested for hitting partner with bone during argument over local election

A woman has been arrested in Poland for attacking her partner during a political argument, according to local media

A woman in Poland has been taken into police custody after hitting her partner with a bone from soup that was cooking, following a drunken disagreement they had over politics, according to a report from PAP news agency on Tuesday.
The domestic argument was about a local election in Bartoszyce, a city in the country’s north, according to the report. The 44-year-old suspect was cooking at the time, so she used the bone as an improvised weapon to hit her opponent on the head. The man was taken to hospital, where he received stitches for his injury.
Both sides confirmed the circumstances of the altercation to the police, who said they have yet to inspect the scene of the alleged crime, where they will likely confiscate the weapon.
“We don’t have it yet, so it’s hard to say which bone the couple is talking about,” a local officer was quoted by the agency as saying.

The spokesman remarked that the row over the runoff ballot was influenced by alcohol that both participants had apparently been consuming at the time.
The woman has a criminal record and, if convicted of the assault, is facing up to seven years and six months behind bars, according to the report. PAP described the woman as “sobering up in a police detention center.”