Whistleblower Tara Reade claims Biden administration targeting Americans through FBI and DOJ

The whistleblower had previously been targeted over her sexual assault allegations against the US president.

As the US election approaches, President Joe Biden’s scandals are being exposed to the public eye, including alleged money laundering schemes by his family in Ukraine, according to RT contributor and former US Senate aide Tara Reade.
She accused the Biden administration of wielding government institutions to silence Americans like her and the 2021 Capitol riot participants.
Following her 23-minute interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson, which aired on Thursday, Reade told RT she hopes her example will motivate others to come forward and share their stories.
“I’ve been contacted a couple of times in the past by women who wanted to come forward, but because of what happened to me, were too frightened,” she said.
Although Reade’s claim that Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993 did not surface until the 2020 election campaign, she said she had logged a report with the Senate right after the purported incident, and was still trying to get the report files unsealed.

“The election year is just bringing it to light, because I think there’s other corruption that needs to come to light about Biden, particularly the misconduct he’s done around Ukraine, and the money laundering and the other activities that he and his family had been enriched by, in this proxy war that the US and NATO are fighting against Russia via Ukraine,” Reade explained.
She added that while “people in America and other NATO countries are seeing the corruption,” the leaders of those states are “unfortunately still benefiting.”
After sharing details of the alleged assault, Reade described “weaponization of the government coming after me, that was quite frightening, and coming after my family.”

She suggested that the Carlson interview shows the public is becoming more aware of this.
“People are seeing the political weaponization of the DOJ (Department of Justice) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) against American citizens and other citizens,” she claimed, arguing that the Capitol riot participants were persecuted in a similar way, with the Biden administration “using intelligence to go after Americans.”
Watch the full interview below: