Video shows Israeli tank destroying ‘I love Gaza’ sign in Rafah

The IDF destroyed landmarks and tore down Palestinian flags after taking over the border crossing on the Gaza-Egypt border

The Israeli military appeared to have deliberately damaged Palestinian landmarks after taking over the Rafah border crossing earlier this week, disturbing footage circulating online suggests.
The damage shown in the footage seems to have been caused by tanks with the Israeli 401st Iron Tracks Brigade, which entered the Rafah crossing on Tuesday morning.
The border crossing connects the Palestinian enclave with Egypt.
One video circulating online, filmed by a Merkava tank crew member, shows the vehicle maneuvering in front of a ‘I love Gaza’ sign at the crossing. The tank then aimed at the sign and drove over it.

An IDF tank also destroyed a sign reading ‘Gaza’ located in front of a border-crossing facility.

Another video appears to show Israeli forces tearing down Palestinian flags at the location and hoisting Israeli ones to replace them.

Israel launched its long-discussed attack on the southern Gaza city of Rafah on Monday night. The ground advance was accompanied by airstrikes on the densely populated city, which had seen a major influx of refugees from the north amid the conflict between Israel and Hamas.