Report: Israel launches missiles at targets in Iran, Syria

Air defenses are reportedly activated across several provinces in Iran

Israel launched missiles at Iran in the early hours of Friday, as per ABC News, citing a senior US official.

Iranian news agency Mehr reported that multiple explosions were heard at approximately 4 am local time in the skies above the city of Isfahan, located in central Iran.

Broadcaster IRNA stated that Israel targeted areas in Syria and Iraq, striking military airfields and a radar site.

Hossein Dalirian, the spokesperson of Iran’s civilian space program, posted on X (formerly Twitter) that they had shot down several drones. He added there was no confirmation of a missile attack on Isfahan.

According to Al Jazeera, Iran has suspended flights at multiple airports, including Isfahan and Tehran.

On April 1, Israel carried out a strike on an Iranian consulate building in Damascus, Syria, resulting in the death of seven senior officers with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force. Iran retaliated with a barrage of missiles and drones targeting Israel on April 13. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported successful interception of the majority of the projectiles with only minor damage reported on the ground.