Polish Arms Plant Supplying Ukraine Hit by Explosion

A blast and subsequent fire at the Mesko factory’s rocket fuel center has reportedly resulted in the death of one worker and injuries to two others.

An explosion and fire at an arms factory in Poland, which produces ammunition for Ukraine, has resulted in one fatality and two injuries, according to the news outlet RMF24 on Monday.

The blast occurred at the Mesko plant’s rocket fuel center in the southeastern Polish city of Skarzysko Kamienna, the broadcaster reported on its website, citing a company official.

According to the report, a 59-year-old worker died when an explosion occurred in a warehouse at the center. Two other employees survived. One of them was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries after inhaling smoke, according to local authorities.

“We have an explosion at the rocket fuel center, which was put into operation a few years ago,” the plant’s president, Elzbieta Sreniawska, told RMF24.

The fire has been extinguished and the cause of the incident is currently under investigation, the company stated.

Mesko, owned by state-run Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa SA, manufactures a range of defense products, including Grom and Piorun man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS), Spike-LR anti-tank missiles, and small arms ammunition.

The 100-year-old defense contractor produces munitions for the Polish Armed Forces and NATO. In 2022, Mesko signed a contract to supply Ukraine with ammunition of various calibers.

Poland has been a key supporter of Ukraine in its conflict with Moscow, which began in February 2022. Warsaw has provided extensive military aid to Ukraine, leading to a significant increase in production at local arms factories. The country has also served as a crucial hub for weapons being sent to Ukraine from other Western countries.