Poland wants in on European air defense project

The proposed system is intended to protect member countries from drone and missile attacks

Poland plans to participate in developing a European air-defense system that would protect states against potential drone and missile attacks, Prime Minister Donald Tusk has announced.
The so-called European Sky Shield Initiative was first announced by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in a speech in Prague in August 2022. Since then, 21 countries have joined the project.
According to Tusk, Iran’s recent attack on Israel shows how important it is to have an air defense system similar to Israel’s Iron Dome.
“There is no reason for Europe not to develop its own shield against rockets and drones,” the Polish prime minister stated. “It doesn’t take much imagination to understand that we may be in the danger zone as well.”
Tusk has urged member countries to boost air-defense investments, given the active use of missiles and drones in the Ukraine conflict. He also pointed to the use of Iranian Shahed drones by Russia to strike Ukrainian targets.
“Iran and Russia act as allies,” Tusk told reporters. “The same Iranian drones that attack Ukrainian suburbs have been used to attack Israel.”