Individual Self-Immolates Near Trump Trial (Graphic Video)

The victim collapsed to the ground before the flames were put out

A man has set himself on fire outside the ‘hush money’ trial of former US President Donald Trump in New York City. The blaze was eventually extinguished, but it is unclear whether the man died from his injuries.

The dramatic incident took place on Friday afternoon, shortly after a final jury was chosen and seated.

Video footage showed a man engulfed in flames as he kneeled upright with his hands behind his head. After burning for around a minute, the visibly charred man collapsed to the ground and was extinguished by police officers.

The incident was broadcast live by several US news networks, including Fox and CNN. As Fox reporters realized what was happening, one could be heard telling his colleagues to search their truck for a fire extinguisher.

After putting out the fire, police officers covered the man’s body with fire blankets before he was loaded into an ambulance. It is unclear whether he survived his ordeal.

It is also unclear whether the man self-immolated as an act of protest. Witnesses told CNN that he scattered pamphlets before dousing himself in gasoline and lighting a match. The New York Police Department told reporters that officers are “still gathering information” on what happened.