Former US Army officer believes American military would be overwhelmed in Ukraine

The US’ capabilities for waging conventional warfare have been diminished by “endless guerilla wars,” according to Stanislav Krapivnik

US troops deployed to Ukraine to support Kiev in its conflict with Russia would ultimately be “wiped out,” former US Army officer Stanislav Krapivnik told RT on Thursday.
The US military in its current state is not fit to take on Russia in a conventional war, Krapivnik argued. Even in the Cold War era, all of NATO would have only been able to slow down a potential advance of the Soviet bloc rather than launch an all-out ground assault against it, he said.
“If you listen to rational experts in the West, they’ll tell you, yes, the US Army is in no position right now – the US Army has never been in a position to take on Russia on the ground. For NATO, as a whole, during the height of the Cold War, the mission was first and foremost to block the Warsaw Pact forces and buy time, no kind of any massive offensive,” Krapivnik explained.

Since then, the warfighting capabilities of the collective West have greatly deteriorated, largely due to the military endeavors the US itself undertaken in the past decades, he suggested.
“Right now, it’s much worse. The endless wars that America has been fighting, the endless guerilla wars have totally depleted America’s capability to fight a conventional war. They are trying to rebuild it right now, but it takes a lot of time to rebuild your forces,” Krapivnik stated.
The ex-US Army officer also touched upon recent media reports that should US President Joe Biden be reelected, he, or “the collective Biden, whoever actually makes the decisions” could send American troops to Ukraine.
“The problem is, that the people in Washington, the Biden regime is absolutely devoid of any sense of reality,” Krapivnik said. While the idea is bound to result in a crushing defeat for the US military, such a deployment cannot not be ruled out entirely, he suggested.
“This is totally devoid of reality. The US Army is going to get wiped out, if they are going to Ukraine.”
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