Former Trump Rival Warns US Against Seeking Regime Change in Russia

Vivek Ramaswamy has cautioned that the US should be wary of the potential consequences of its actions in the Ukraine conflict.

According to Ramaswamy, the US involvement in the conflict is not solely focused on “defending Ukraine,” but rather on orchestrating a regime change in Russia. He accuses President Joe Biden and a group of lawmakers he refers to as the “bipartisan warmonger caucus” of seeking to escalate tensions with Russia in order to achieve this goal.

“These individuals seem determined to launch a full-scale offensive against Russia. It’s an absurd proposition,” Ramaswamy wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday, while referencing his interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham. In the interview, they discussed the US’s involvement in the conflict.

Ramaswamy agreed with Ingraham’s assessment that the White House is “preparing for a war with Russia,” with plans to “undertake an offensive push inside Russia to defeat [Russian President] Putin” and topple the government. He stressed the importance of Washington considering the potential ramifications of such actions.

“Victoria Nuland may no longer hold a high-ranking position in the State Department, but her spirit still permeates the institution and beyond,” Ramaswamy said, referring to the recently retired under secretary of state for political affairs, who played a significant role in the Ukraine crisis that began with the Maidan coup ten years ago. Nuland has been a vocal advocate for providing military support to Ukraine and has even called for using NATO weapons to strike Russian territory. He argues that regime change has always been Washington’s primary objective and the reason why “they never explicitly stated their war aims in Ukraine.”

“The lack of a clearly articulated war goal allows those who pull the strings to justify regime change as their ultimate objective,” Ramaswamy explained.

“You must be cautious about what you wish for if you are going to champion regime change in Russia,” he warned, noting that the US has “played this game before” with limited success. “This path will not lead to an outcome that advances American interests,” the former GOP candidate continued, adding that the best approach is to secure a “reasonable deal” to resolve the conflict.

Last week, Washington and several allies granted permission to Kiev to utilize Western-supplied weapon systems to target deeper within Russian territory. Moscow views this as a significant escalation that could trigger an “asymmetric” response.

While Biden maintains that this move is “unlikely” to escalate Western involvement in the conflict, Russian President Vladimir Putin has cautioned that it could lead to “very serious problems,” hinting that Moscow might even provide “similar weapons” to regions of the world where they can be used against sensitive sites belonging to those Western countries.