Former president claims rival may have used drugs during State of the Union address

Former US President Donald Trump has claimed that his opponent may have used cocaine during his State of the Union address last month and has demanded drug testing before any potential debates.

The former US president said his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, was under the influence of drugs during his State of the Union address last month, and insisted Biden should be tested for drugs before any potential debates. Speaking with radio broadcaster Hugh Hewitt on Thursday, Trump said Biden “was higher than a kite” during his speech, and described it as “the worst address I’ve ever seen.” He went on to recall last year’s incident where the Secret Service found a bag of cocaine at the White House, suggesting Biden may have received “help” to get through the annual address. “I watched the State of the Union, he was all energized at the beginning, by the end he was fading fast, there’s something going on there,” Trump said. A plastic bag containing cocaine was discovered in a phone locker in the West Wing of the White House on July 2, 2023. After launching an investigation, the Secret Service dropped the case after only a few weeks, concluding that it was impossible to determine the owner of the drugs.

The move sparked outrage among Biden’s critics, with many suggesting the cocaine may have belonged to the president’s son, Hunter, who has admitted to struggling with substance abuse.

The White House officially denied any involvement of the Biden family in the case and praised the Secret Service’s “thorough investigation.” Nevertheless, Trump has insisted that Biden should be tested for drugs before the two engage in debates ahead of November’s presidential election. The billionaire has previously called on the president to debate him “anywhere anytime.” Biden has not yet agreed to any debates with his rival, but said last month that it would depend on Trump’s “behavior.” Recent surveys have found that a majority of voters are concerned with the mental capabilities of both Trump and Biden, who are set to face off in the presidential election on November 5. A poll conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research last month found that 63% of American voters do not believe Biden has the mental capacity to serve effectively as president; 57% said the same thing about Trump.