Belgian radio host calls for assassination attempt on PM, similar to Slovakia incident – media

The statement was intended as a joke but was “misplaced,” the station has said

A radio host in Belgium has been suspended after allegedly calling for an assassination attempt against the country’s prime minister. The “misplaced statement” came shortly after Wednesday’s shooting of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico.
According to the Flemish public broadcaster VRT, the host at local radio station Waregem1 encouraged listeners to attack Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo in response to the incident in Slovakia.
“To all those who are considering shooting Alexander De Croo, but do not dare to do so because of that guy’s security. You see that it is possible to shoot a prime minister. So, I would say: go ahead,” VRT cited the host as saying.
The radio station admitted to a “misplaced statement” being made on air, adding that the employee in question had been immediately suspended.

“The presenter says he meant this in a playful manner, but it did not come across that way. He apologizes to the listeners and Waregem1. Waregem1 believes that he completely misjudged the timing and context,” the station said.
Prime Minister De Croo filed a complaint against the host to the police, the politician’s communications director, Barend Leyts, said on X (formerly Twitter). “Calling for violence is punishable,” he added.
Slovak Prime Minister Fico is in a stable but serious condition after being shot several times at close range in the town of Handlova. The suspect has been detained and charged with attempted murder. According to Slovak Interior Minister Matus Sutaj Estok, the suspect had political motives, among which was Fico’s decision to halt aid to Ukraine.