An Industry-Leading Brand Upgrade for IEXS, Modern and Internationalized Image is More Attractive

SINGAPORE, Sep 8, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via – IEXS announced exciting news in September. With the aim of globalization and continuous self-improvement, IEXS will completely upgrade its brand. Not only the logo but also all its existing products will be revamped. As well as a new website, the 2.0 version will contain more information and functional services to give customers a whole new experience.

Brand New Upgrade – Fresh Visual Experience 2.0 Official Website Launch

Richard Robinson, President of Asia Pacific Marketing for IEXS, said that IEXS maintains innovation in its products, while making their functions easy to understand and convenient to meet customers’ needs and hopes to guide customers’ pursuit of good products so they can be more selective.

A more iconic logo

IEXS has made several attempts to optimize its existing brand logo according to the direction of the Group’s development. Karl Garavani, the chief designer of IEXS, stated that optimizing a logo that was already well-known and had a recognizable image required a lot of experimentation. It is necessary to make a concise but powerful transition between the connection part and the variation part. It was important not to lose the image that had already been established, but also to fit in with the core culture of the brand.

A more international website

In order to cope with the company’s key development areas in Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia, the new website is now available in Vietnamese, Thai, Malay and Indonesian, while maintaining the original language versions, to ensure the smooth development of the Group’s business.

The official website development team has upgraded the functions of the entire website to make it more in line with the needs of customers. There are new economic calendars, multiple trading calculators, and other trading tools that are applicable to customers in the trading process. Considering novice investors, IEXS set up a learning trading board and market activity board, so that they can more quickly get started on investment transactions.

Richard Robinson, President of Asia Pacific Marketing at IEXS, mentioned that even though our future competitors are all well-known international brokers, IEXS will continue to work hard and combine reliable technology and services to give a satisfactory answer to our clients around the world for choosing IEXS.

With the change in technology, the traditional financial industry has been increasingly empowered, and customers continue to get more convenient financial transaction services. It is precisely thanks to the long-term battle in the field of financial technology that IEXS is able to provide customers with high-quality services, stable platforms, a secure trading environment and a wealth of trading tools around the world.

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