Skyworth Announced the First Eye Care Statement to be a Safeguard for All Families

Manila, Philippines, May 16, 2023 – Large screen TVs are becoming the hottest focus in the industry, especially with the introduction of 98-inch and 100-inch giant screen TVs, which have almost become a signature move for all TV manufacturers. While many brands are still focusing on large-sized TVs and LED TVs, Skyworth has taken a different approach, aiming to explore healthy technologies from the perspective of consumers. Skyworth has launched Eye Care TVs that adapt to the development of the times from multiple dimensions such as hardware, chips, and algorithms, demonstrating the company’s responsibility and dedication through brand love, people love, and public welfare love.

Skyworth Philippines launched an Eye Care marketing campaign that precisely targets the needs of young mothers concerned about their children’s eye health at the 408 Global Television Festival. Focusing on the contradiction between the ubiquity of electronic products and the need for children’s eye health, Skyworth featured flicker-free, low blue light, and a healthy platform to promote Eye Care knowledge for children, and provided the best TV experience for the next generation.

Skyworth Announced the First Eye Care Statement has Sparked Discussions from the Audience

Skyworth Philippines first annouced the Eye Care Statement on Facebook with the campaign “GET FAMILY Eye Care TV, FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A TRIP TO DISNEY”. Skyworth has combined the protection of children’s eye health with promotional benefits, allowing children to enjoy health benefits while having fun.

Collaboration with Professionalism

In order to help the public better understand Eye Care TV technology and knowledge, Skyworth Philippines invited professionalist Alvin John P. Francisco to popularize Eye Care knowledge with professional medical expertise and introduce how Skyworth’s technology can truly protect children’s vision.

Charitable Activities showcase Corporate Social Responsibility and Commitment

Skyworth Philippines provided warm-hearted services for children with practical actions, conducting a five-day Eye Care Truck in Manila with Eye Care knowledge education to help children in all aspects of eye health.

Skyworth has fully tapped into the needs and motivations of young mothers who value the health of their children, transforming “Eye Care” into social currency, making “Eye Care TVs” cool and trendy in the social context of the young generation, and activating their social desires and health aspirations. This allows young parents to fully endorse Skyworth’s advocacy of a healthy lifestyle, while also fully expressing their own personality and beliefs.


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