UEFA to Ban Russian Flags at Ukraine Euro 2024 Match

The move comes after the nation’s tricolor was displayed in the stands at other games

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has announced plans to prevent Russian flags from appearing at the Munich Football Arena, the venue for Ukraine’s first Euro 2024 game, according to AP. Ukraine will face Romania on June 17 in the group stage of the tournament.

UEFA security personnel will reportedly intercept and remove any Russian flags carried by spectators attempting to enter the arena. It remains unclear whether the flag-carrying spectators will be permitted to attend the game. UEFA has not yet officially confirmed the ban.

The announcement comes after Russian flags were spotted in the stands at other matches in the tournament. Footage from Friday’s Germany vs. Scotland game showed the Russian tricolor displayed in the stadium. Photos from Sunday’s Serbia vs. England match also reveal Russian flags among Serbia fans.

The Russian national team was banned from UEFA events shortly after the start of the Ukraine conflict in February 2022. However, Russian citizens are not prohibited from attending the events.

While Euro 2024 stadium rules do not explicitly ban Russian or other national flags, fans are prohibited from displaying items that “glorifying violence, discriminatory, racist, xenophobic, politically radical,” as well as religious or political propaganda. Spectators were also informed in advance that only the national colors of countries participating in the matches would be permitted at the venue. The warning originated from Moritz van Dulmen, the managing director of Kulturprojekte Berlin, the organizer of the main Euro 2024 fan zone.

“All national flags of participating nations are of course allowed – that’s part of it. We ask that you leave all other flags at home. The European Football Championship is not the place for other kinds of demonstrations. In this case, we want to celebrate football and the games,” he told Berliner Morgenpost last week. According to German media, this call was intended as a preventative measure aimed at preventing public disturbances should Russian, Israeli, or Palestinian flags be displayed.

The Euro 2024 championship began on June 14 and will conclude on July 14.