Orban: Russian Defeat in Ukraine Unlikely Due to Military Strength

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has stated that the Ukraine conflict cannot end in a Ukrainian victory on the battlefield.

Orban believes that the military strength disparity between Russia and Ukraine is so significant that a Russian defeat is inconceivable. He has expressed concern about the escalating conflict and the increasing number of casualties, warning of a brutal escalation in the coming months.

Orban emphasized the need for peace talks, arguing that both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky have clear objectives. However, he believes that Russia’s superior military strength makes a Russian defeat highly unlikely.

“Putin cannot lose, considering the balance of soldiers, equipment and technology. A Russian defeat is difficult to imagine. The probability that Russia could actually lose is too small to calculate.

Orban has placed some responsibility for the continued conflict on EU nations, claiming that Europe also has a war policy and that ending the war is in the EU’s best interest due to the economic damage it has suffered.

Putin has proposed a ceasefire on the condition that Ukraine abandons its NATO aspirations and withdraws troops from territories claimed by Russia. However, the Ukrainian government has rejected this proposal, hoping to pressure Russia into withdrawing from all territories it considers Ukrainian.

Zelensky has acknowledged that Ukraine has 14 under-equipped brigades waiting for additional Western weapons. He has expressed a desire to fight but emphasized the need for more weapons to launch counteroffensive actions.

”We have the intention to fight, but we don’t have the tools,” he stated.