Meloni Says Israel Is Falling Into Hamas’s Trap

The militant group is achieving success in isolating the Jewish state, according to Giorgia Meloni

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has expressed her support for Israel, stating that the country was thrust into a war in Gaza by the surprise attacks carried out by the Palestinian militant group Hamas in early October.

Speaking on Saturday at a news conference following the G7 summit in southern Italy, Meloni also advocated for recognizing the right of both Israel and Palestine to live in peace and security.

“It appears Israel is falling into a trap. Hamas’s trap was to isolate it. It seems to be working,” Meloni said, urging those who support West Jerusalem “to give clear words for its safety” and emphasizing that “this is precisely what Italy is doing.”

Responding to a reporter’s inquiry about why the G7 leaders had not condemned the Israeli offensive in Gaza and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the enclave, the prime minister asserted that it is crucial to remember “who initiated all this” and that “it wasn’t Israel, but someone who killed civilians, women and children.”

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) initiated their operation in Gaza following the October 7 Hamas attack on villages in southern Israel, during which approximately 1,200 people were killed and another 250 were taken hostage. The most recent data from the Gaza health authorities indicates that over 37,200 Palestinians have been killed and nearly 85,000 have been injured since the beginning of the military campaign.

Meloni also emphasized “the right of the Palestinians to have their own state in which to live peacefully.”

“This is the only way to address this problem. Our job is to engage in dialogue with everyone,” she concluded.

Israel’s conflict with Hamas and the siege of Gaza have drawn international criticism in recent months, including threats of sanctions. West Jerusalem has recently experienced a steady decline in Western support due to the mounting death toll and worsening humanitarian crisis in the enclave.

Israeli authorities have consistently defended their right to neutralize Hamas in an attempt to safeguard the nation from terrorism. Earlier on Sunday, the IDF announced a “tactical pause” in military activity along a route in southern Gaza to allow for the distribution of aid.