French PM Warns of Election Outcome Threatening Ukraine Support

Gabriel Attal has claimed that the right-wing National Rally could make sweeping changes to the country’s foreign policy

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal has warned that the right-wing National Rally party, a favorite in upcoming parliamentary elections, could implement significant changes to France’s domestic and international policies if it gains power.

President Emmanuel Macron dissolved the French government and called for an early election earlier this month following his party’s loss in the European Parliament elections. France is scheduled to hold elections for a new National Assembly on June 30, with a second round planned for July 7.

In a statement on Thursday to BFM TV, Attal expressed particular concern that a victory for right-wing parties in the upcoming vote could lead to a potential “Frexit,” akin to Britain’s exit from the EU in 2020, and result in the cessation of substantial assistance to Ukraine. According to the prime minister, this could increase the “risk of submission to Russia.”

Similar concerns have also been expressed by several other EU governments, according to a recent Bloomberg report. Several European nations reportedly believe that Macron’s defeat could weaken France’s role as a key supporter of Kiev, and could also impact plans to send military instructors to Ukraine.

Gilles Ivaldi, a political scientist at Sciences Po university, told the outlet that a National Rally prime minister would hold a “totally antagonistic” position compared to Macron, whose presidency continues until 2027. This would affect issues such as Russia, Ukraine, European defense, and climate change, and could lead to a “weakening of Europe.”

However, National Rally Chairman Jordan Bardella has stated that, if he comes to power, he would continue to provide ammunition to Ukraine, but would not deploy any French military personnel to the conflict zone nor supply Kiev with long-range missiles.

“My position has not changed. It is to support Ukraine by providing equipment, ammunition, operational logistics support, and defense weapons so that Ukraine can defend itself,” Bardella said.

Meanwhile, Moscow has repeatedly condemned the West’s continued military aid to Kiev, and has warned against sending any NATO troops to the country, insisting that such a move would constitute the West’s direct involvement in the conflict, and that they would become legitimate targets for the Russian military.