Biden Says Only God Could Convince Him to Quit Race Against Trump

Only God in person can convince Joe Biden he cannot beat Donald Trump, the US president has said

US President Joe Biden has dismissed concerns about his ability to defeat his rival Donald Trump in the upcoming elections, stating that only “Lord Almighty” would be able to convince him to drop out of the race.

Biden made the remarks Friday in an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

The discussion primarily focused on the campaign, Biden’s health, and his performance during the debate against Trump last week.

During the ABC interview, Biden asserted that he is the best candidate the Democrats could field and the most prepared to beat Trump.

“I convinced myself of two things. I’m the most qualified person to beat him, and I know how to get things done,” he stated.

When asked if anything could change his mind, Biden said only God “might” have enough authority.

It depends on, if the Lord Almighty comes down and tells me that, I might do that.

The interview comes amid challenges for 81-year-old Biden, who has been grappling with the fallout of the debates against Trump. Concerns about his mental and physical capacities, and his fitness for office, have been amplified by his performance, with key Democratic figures expressing their dissatisfaction.

Also on Friday, a group of 168 prominent Democratic Party supporters, including major donors and academics, reportedly sent a letter to Biden, urging him to drop out of the campaign. The signatories argued that this action is necessary “for the sake of our democracy and the future of our nation,” according to a Washington Post report citing anonymous sources.