Analysts: Democrats May Have No Viable Biden Replacement

It would be ‘“unprecedented” for another candidate to build a campaign to beat Donald Trump on such short notice, experts wrote for Time

Two analysts writing for Time magazine have suggested that it is highly unlikely that the Democratic Party could find a replacement for President Joe Biden in time for the November election if he were to drop out. The party is reportedly facing a significant challenge following Biden’s recent debate performance against Donald Trump, which has been described as “disastrous.”

During the debate, Biden appeared to struggle with his words and clarity, exhibiting signs of confusion on several occasions. This performance has reportedly led to concerns within the Democratic Party, with numerous major donors calling for a change in the party’s ticket for the upcoming election.

However, the Time analysts argue that it would be an unprecedented feat for any other candidate to step in and mount a campaign in such a short time frame. While Biden has not indicated any intention to withdraw from the race, the publication notes that if he were to do so, the rushed nomination process could potentially lead to division within the party.

The Time article highlights the lack of a clear frontrunner for the party’s nomination at this stage in the race. Vice President Kamala Harris currently trails Trump in the polls “far worse” than Biden himself.

While acknowledging the potential appeal of other candidates, such as Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, the publication points out that they would face significant obstacles in building a campaign so late in the election cycle.

The future of Biden’s reelection campaign remains uncertain. Although the president and his team have maintained that they have no plans to drop out, media reports suggest that some high-ranking Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, are concerned about Biden’s ability to defeat Trump. These individuals have reportedly proposed holding an open contest to determine a new candidate at the upcoming Democratic National Convention in August.