The World’s First AI-Created Digital Children’s Spokesperson ‘Uni’ is Ready to Amplify the Voices of Children Around the World

BILLUND, DENMARK, Oct 3, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via – A manifesto and 40 ideas addressing the world’s challenges have now been sent from the world’s children to global leaders. That’s the summary of a gathering of 80 children aged 10-17, from 50 nationalities, who convened in Denmark at the Capital of Children in Billund for the third annual Children’s General Assembly Summit from September 19th to 21st.


The children have returned home, but their solutions continue to be assembled in the world’s first digital children’s spokesperson called “Uni”. Uni is an AI created as an amalgamation of 80 faces and voices of the participants of Children’s General Assembly and has helped amplify and deliver the messages of the world’s children. According to the Secretary General of Children’s General Assembly, Uni and the children’s way of approaching challenges can inspire on multiple levels.

“In this year’s Children’s General Assembly, children are trying to engage with contemporary tools like AI to devise a visual solution that can generate buzz and increase attention, providing them with a stronger unified and compelling voice. This is a symbol of the way children approach finding solutions to challenges, which far more politicians and businesses should take inspiration from,” says Charlotte Sahl-Madsen, Secretary General of Children’s General Assembly. She continues:

“Uni sets a fresh standard for efficiently collecting relevant insights from many people and cleverly consolidating them into a unified entity, which creates a foundation for concrete actions.”

40 ideas for decision-makers to address

Leading up to the September Summit, the children engaged in workshops and collaborative sessions. Through creative exercises, playful learning, and co-creation, they crafted a manifesto presented at the summit by Uni alongside the children, and an idea catalogue containing 40 ideas addressing global challenges. The ideas were mainly focused on STEAM, mental health, children’s safety, and awareness of the importance of children’s voices.

This is stated by the 80 participants in Children’s General Assembly in this year’s manifesto:

“From furthering education, fostering health and safety, and amplifying children’s voices, there’s a lot to be done. We’re not just children with dreams; we’re creative world citizens. It’s crucial for grown-ups to listen to us. We understand the challenges we face, and we have great ideas to make things better. Investing in children today means investing in a better world tomorrow.”

All materials, including the manifesto, idea catalogue and livestream from the September Summit were handed directly to the Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth for distribution to the UN General Assembly.

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